President's Oration

Found in 1993, Shandong Nanshan Aluminum Co., Ltd finally succeeded in listing in Shanghai Stock Exchange (trading symbol 600219) on Dec. 23rd, 1999 after 6 year’s strenuous struggle.
Twenty years ago, the clarion of reform and opening-up woke up the development of China’s aluminum industry. Hard-working people in Nanshan also joined the industry, expecting to contribute to the country’s construction through their efforts. Over decade of struggle, Nanshan Aluminum quickly became the leader in domestic aluminum industry.
Nanshan has been adhering to the sustainable development tenet " Stand at high starting point, Take use of high technology, Create high quality” and gradually built up a complete aluminum-processing chain from energy, power, alumina, electrolytic aluminum to aluminum profile, high-alloy casting, cold and hot rolling, aluminum foil and become to a large enterprise group of our national class and the only one boasting the most complete industrial chain of aluminum within short period.
Nanshan’s success is inseparable from the struggle of my colleagues and has benefited from the love of leaders and friends at all levels. We show gratitude and enjoy the love to promote Nanshan to be more perfect.
The rapid development of global aluminum industry, concerns about China’s aluminum prospect from Party and government together with colleagues’ jointed endeavor have laid excellent opportunity for Nanshan Aluminum. We are confident and we have the strength to make Nanshan Aluminum a global brand. In the near future, we will have a foothold on the world and enjoy the infinite reputation.

Benefiting the people and strive for continuous improvement