Nanshan Group

Nanshan Group

Nanshan group was founded in the early reform and opening up, after more than 30 years of hard work, already developed now become comfortably large-scale private joint-stock enterprise in China top 500 enterprises, formed in aluminum industry, textile and apparel, finance, aviation, real estate, health, education, tourism and so on as the leading industry development pattern. In 2017, the comprehensive strength of nanshan group is the 165th place of the top 500 companies in China and the 68th in the Chinese manufacturing industry.

"Highlighting main business, chain operation, steady development, and strong implementation" is the most distinctive feature of nanshan industry development. Nanshan aluminum industry chain, covering energy, alumina, electrolytic aluminum, aluminum, aluminum foil, aviation materials and so on each link, terminal products are widely used in aerospace, ships, trains, electric power, automobile, container, etc. A number of areas. In 1999, nanshan aluminum A shares (dai code: 600219 nanshan aluminum) listed on the Shanghai stock exchange. Textile clothing purchasing, top processing, textile and garment industry chain covers wool yarn dyeing, wool fabrics, advanced garment processing, brand operation, compact spinning is a leading international worsted fabric production base and advanced garment production base. Nanshan finance is committed to building a full license plate financial structure in banking, securities, insurance, leasing, equity investment, private equity fund, asset management and other fields. Nanshan airlines has built an aviation industry group integrating air transport, business flight, aviation education and aviation materials. Nanshan real estate has become a high-grade residential, high-end hotels, tourism, business services, leisure, vacation, pension and other comprehensive development strength property companies, projects in Beijing, Qingdao and hainan, yantai, longkou and other provinces and cities. Nanshan health is dedicated to building a healthy and healthy industrial system integrating health care, health management, caring care and health care medicine. Nanshan education has a complete education training system from kindergarten to university, among which yantai nanshan college is an ordinary undergraduate institution approved by the ministry of education. Nanshan tourism is now a comprehensive leisure and resort industry system integrating holiday sightseeing, leisure and entertainment, star-rated hotels, high-end business and exhibition services. In addition to leading industries, nanshan group has construction and installation, and other supporting enterprises and peanut oil, flour mills, pure water, egg, meat and other employee relationship between residents life of green food production units.

With the expansion of the industry scale, nanshan group has gradually formed a strategic layout with the dragon mouth as the center, radiating the whole country and moving towards the international. At present, in Beijing, tianjin, Qingdao, yantai, hainan, Hong Kong and other places have branches or offices, and in Australia, the United States, Germany, Italy, Singapore, Indonesia and other countries set up a branch, towards the international market to participate in the global competition.

Independent innovation ability is the key to the success of nanshan industry. Nanshan group has state-level enterprise technology center, academician workstation, postdoctoral workstation, such as technology research and development platform, built with domestic aluminum processing industry's only "aluminum alloy pressure processing engineering technology research center", and with the Beijing institute of aviation materials, shandong university, central south university, northeastern university, xi 'an engineering university and other research institutions to carry out cooperation, improve the ability of technological innovation and scientific research achievements conversion rate. Among them, nanshan aluminum, nanshan textile clothing company to undertake several national and provincial level or above of science and technology research and development projects, many achievements in the international leading and international advanced level, has won the first prize in shandong province science and technology progress, governor of shandong province quality prize and so on science and technology awards.

Nanshan group, thanks to the development of the party and the country's reform and opening up policy, benefit from the older generation of entrepreneurs of nanshan formation of "loyalty, responsibility, diligence, dedication" spirit of nanshan and "societe generale, and talk the broth" code of conduct. While developing the economy, nanshan group has not forgotten to fulfill its social responsibilities. It has successively led the villagers of dozens of villages in the surrounding area to realize common prosperity, and has transformed the villagers and villages into cities. In addition, the nanshan group also set up a charity mutual funds, education scholarship, used to help the poor students, difficult staff family and actively participate in road construction, environmental greening, disaster relief donations, such as the social public welfare undertakings, to promote the new urbanization construction, promote the local economic and social development made a positive contribution, was awarded the "national WenMing Village", "national advanced basic-level party organization", "national small towns construction demonstration area", "reform and opening up 30 years of service enterprises in shandong province", "the most socially responsible brand in shandong province" and other honorary titles.

"Thick DE supreme good, peak to mountain", nanshan group will continue to pursue "loyalty, responsibility, diligence, dedication" spirit of enterprise, to build one hundred nanshan as the goal, the new power for the national economic construction.